Hillstone Shelties believes in and advocates responsible breeding. We are happy to assist you in your search for a Sheltie puppy or adult dog. 

We screen our potential buyers carefully, and hope you will not be offended by our questions. Whether you are looking for a show prospect or a family companion, your Sheltie friend will be with you for many years to come, buying a dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly. We will always strive to match the dog's personality with your lifestyle and activity level. 

We feel very strongly that your Sheltie should be raised as part of the family and live in the house -- even the show dogs love warming the couch! Whenever possible, we also like to meet all family members and ascertain that the purchase is a family decision. 

If this is your first show dog, or an addition to your existing kennel, we are happy to cooperate in any way we can to make things satisfactory to all parties. 

We sell any companion/pet puppies on strict spay/neuter contracts, as well as AKC Limited Registrations. Since we feel only the very best specimens should be bred in the hands of experienced persons, all puppy buyers are required to spay or neuter their puppies by one year of age. Also, we believe spaying/neutering is best for a dog's health and longevity. Last, but certainly not least, millions of dogs and cats are put to sleep each year. Upwards of 78% of these animals are unwanted offspring of unaltered pets. It simply makes good sense to do your part to prevent this from happening. 

We strongly believe a dog is for life - not just for Christmas (or a Birthday). But, if for any reason you cannot keep the Sheltie you have purchased from us, we will take the dog back at anytime, as it is our responsibility for bringing it into the world in the first place. 

Hillstone conducts routine hip X-rays and eye checks on all our breeding stock, as well as checking each new litter for any apparent health or hereditary problems before they are placed in homes. 

A complete health guarantee is offered on each puppy we sell. The guarantee covers hips, eyes, epilepsy, vWD and Sheltie Skin Syndrome, as well as any other hereditary problem which would preclude the dog from living a full and happy life. 

We are always available for any questions, and are happy to assist our new puppy parents with solutions to any problems that might arise. 

HSUS does not operate or fund a SINGLE animal shelter.  The millions in donations are spent largely on salaries and misleading advertising.  Their ultimate goal is the end of ALL animal use, as companions, as food, as service animals. 

"We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals.  They are creations of human selective breeding."  Wayne Pacelle, HSUS CEO - Animal People News (May 1, 1993) 

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