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After 32 years in Pleasanton, California, in 2001 Hillstone Shelties relocated to the small town of Gardnerville, Nevada.  Gardnerville is located in the beautiful Carson Valley, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range and about 25 minutes from beautiful Lake Tahoe, the jewel of the Sierras.  

We typically breed only two or three litters per year. We do breed all coat colors, but our specialty is AOAC's  (Any Other Allowed Color)--  blue merles, tricolors, bi-blues and bi-blacks.  Each breeding is carefully planned to produce "keepers" to carry the Hillstone name into the conformation ring. Each litter is whelped and raised in our home with plenty of "hands on" attention from the moment they are born, as we feel this is one very essential ingredient for producing good temperaments in the Shetland Sheepdog.

Whether you are looking for a show prospect, competition dog, or just a family pet, we feel confident we can be of help to you.  Please complete the questionnaire found by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab above.   We like to learn as much as possible about you and your family.
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